Golf Ball Drop

Starting At $300 for 30 minutes anywhere inside the green circle

*For any flights you wish to book within 24hrs notice please call the phone number at the top of your screen

The majority of companies arranging Golf Ball Drops use similar equipment and charge similar rates. What sets Anaheim Helicopter's Golf Ball Drops apart is our dedication to customer service. We are always ready to go the extra mile. Our goal is to help you create the best tournament experience possible. Because we know that we are not a success unless your event is. We start at $300 for 30 minutes close by to Fullerton Airport. The price then goes up by $60 for every 6 minutes after that.

Thank you for your interest in Anaheim Helicopters. We look forward to helping your next tournament and Golf Ball Drop the best yet.

Please email us at mark@anaheimhelicopters for further information or a quote.